Saturday, April 28, 2012

More evidence Tea Party has busted up Ashe GOP

It was movie night at the Ashe County Tea Party meeting earlier this week on account of the opportunity to codify discrimination into the state constitution on the May 8th ballot. The group showed the "riveting and alarming" special program "The Problem with Same-Sex Marriage: How it Will Affect Your Children" produced by Family Research Council and Tony Perkins ((and now available for the low, low suggested donation of only $14.95).

FRC has the dubious distinction of being classified as an official Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for, among other things, calling for the criminalization of homosexuality, maniacally chanting gay and pedophilia in the same sentence, and denouncing efforts to stop bullying in schools as a just another attempt by the LGBT community to redefine "our culture."

West Jefferson Republican and activist Cynthia Wadsworth gives a lively account of the movie screening in a letter to editor of the Jefferson Post:
"I asked to speak after the movie. I attempted to state why I felt like the movie was propaganda. Just after my first sentence, a woman stood up and with her hands over her head, started screaming “Oh Jesus we lift this lady up….” and from that point forward I was silenced. I did try shouting facts about the movie. I also shouted why I would be voting against Amendment One. I was told I could present my handout, which contained statements by respected N.C. Republicans who are voting against Amendment One, but I was blocked by people attending the meeting. The loud praying by some continued, along with heckling, and at that point I left."
Wadsworth goes on to say she'll vote AGAINST Amendment One and Tea Party event host County Commissioner candidate Ed McClearen who made no effort to stop the shouting/praying match:

"I am voting against amendment one because I believe amendments should be written to protect the rights of people. Amendment one takes away rights. This amendment is a way of using the majority to vote against a minority and that is wrong. The amendment includes only the first part of how Article 14 of the N.C. Constitution would be changed. There is great concern by some N.C. lawyers of how this might be interpreted legally. A vote against Amendment One will harm no one. A vote for Amendment One could harm many.
I will not be voting for Ed McClearen for county commissioner and I will not be voting for any politician that associates with We The People of Ashe, aka the Tea Party of Ashe County. They used a back room in Faith Fellowship to push anti-gay sentiments. In my opinion, WTPA have lost all credibility."

McClearen is a retired Raleigh attorney who has apparently made it his singular mission to promote the Amendment over the past few months and has been featured prominently in news accounts of recent pro-Amendment rallies held in Boone and West Jefferson.

According to what we hear on the street, the Tea Party has basically run roughshod over the old Ashe Republican Party with their radical agenda and split the Grand Ole Party wide open. For now, there's no big tent politics. Only hate-filled tent revivals.


  1. I love the beauty of Ashe County; but I abhor the ignorance of so many residents. Do they not know there is already a N.C. law against same sex marriage?? If we must also have a constitutional amendment against same sex marriage, then I want to see constitutional amendments against: divorce, fornication , and adultery. How many in the churches every Sunday would agree with that? As a Christian and retired teacher, I can tell you those three things hurt children far more. mother of a gay son who is NOT a pedophile. Oh ye who love to judge

  2. Funny how these "small government" folks magically become cheerleaders for government control the moment they can get away with it. If it weren't for moderates, they'd be happy to make us the Christian Republic of Carolinastan, complete with Saudi-style religious police and rule by mullahs -- er, I mean, evangelical pastors.

  3. It's what GOD thinks about people, places, things, and behavior that really matters - What you think and what I think doesn't. You must accept one , no two things first. Yes, there is GOD, and NO, it isn't you!! Second, The Bible(NKJV is my reference) is accepted as GOD's directions for us dummy's to follow because we are all too stupid, selfish, self centered and basically carnal to get anything right on our own. The Bible is easy to read and direct. One does not need a PhD degree from some organization, religious or otherwise, to interpret it for us. We just need to read it, and do as the Holy Spirit leads us.

    According to His Book of instruction, God hates homosexuality. He also hates divorce, child molestation. prostitution, fornication, gambling, drunkenness,and idol worship. He has spelled that out real clearly in His Book. People who want to live by their own rules think up all kinds of reasons for not following God's rules.
    Voting for or against a piece of legislation or for a candidate because of their idea of right and wrong not God's, is what has put this Country where we are. That is why our Country is so screwed up today. People have been voting for what they want to get away with, having no regard what God has told us. Like Israel, other ancient cultures, and nations, we are reaping the results of those decisions. Just remember what you supported and how you voted when you find yourself or your family compromised and assaulted because there just aren't enough policemen to be in all places at all times to protect you! I personally think it is time for all of God's people to get on our knees and beg God's deliverance this election. Our election process has been totally compromised by the actions of groups like ACORN, and the rest. Every grave stone of every graveyard in the right neighborhood will vote once if not three times if they can get away with it. So, every one who is honest and God fearing must get informed as best you can, and get out and vote. Our enemies are working to overthrow our way of life! Believe it!!