Tuesday, March 22, 2011

People's Revolution complete

The Ashe Tea Drinkers have completed their takeover of the county's Republican Party after what we reckon must have been something akin to a Baptist church splitting earlier this month at the county convention.
Moderates offered a slate of officers which were turned back and forced to withdraw their names hours before delegates convened. The schizm has forced out moderate Republicans who are quietly making known that they'll have no part of the new radical agenda being promoted in their name.
Re-elected "GOP" party chairman John Wheeler, who shares Newt Gingrich's fondness for Chairman Mao quotes, offered a hearty renunciation of the grand ole Republican Party, according to the account in the Ashe Mountain Times:
"Politics is war without blood," Wheeler said. "The Republican establishment wants to control the people at the grassroots. They want foot soldiers who take orders and now there are some people who say, ‘wait a minute, we didn’t sign on to be foot soldiers, we signed on to promote ideas that we believe in. We want candidates that express what we believe in.”
Just last October, Wheeler was singing a tune of unity, declaring Republicans and Tea Drinkers were one in the same.
We suppose taking over the asylum puts things in a different perspective.

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